'20 Ladies Captains Run Shirt

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100% polyester, fully sublimated with club and sponsor logos.

Story behind the artwork;

The design on the front of the shirt represent the hoof prints of the brumbies coming down from the Brindabella ranges surrounding Canberra, the home of the Brumbies. These turn into footprints which represent the current players. The people sitting around the highlighted circle represent past and current Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander players. The white dots along the bottom represent the Murrumbidgee River - this is our lifeline and a major river in the Brumbies territory.

The design on the back of the shirt depicts the wedge-tailed eagle (Muliyan). Brumbies territory includes the land of the Ngunnawal people and the eagle is the Ngunnawal totem which connects us to land, air and water. The two circular meeting places represent men’s and women’s business where age old ceremonies are practiced. 

Both front and back artwork was painted by Budda Connors, a proud Ngunnawal man