'19 Toddlers Pasifika Jersey

  • $89.00
Tax included.

Because of the high demand, our apparel partners O’Neills, will produce more Pasifika jerseys. This will take some time though. 
We are taking pre-orders on the Pasifika jerseys until June 26, after that the product will not be available for purchase anymore. From that date it will be another 6 weeks for stock to arrive. We will do everything in our power to get your orders send out as soon as we can, once the stock arrives at Brumbies HQ.

Please keep in mind that we don't do split orders, so if you order other items with your Pasifika jerseys, these extra items will be send out at the same time.

95% polyester / 5% elastane jersey, with a combination of embroidered and sublimated club and sponsor logos.

Design of this jersey has been done by and under supervision of Brumbies players.